Cumblr will be free, for everyone, forever. We will offer some type of optional cumblr subscription for people who wish to monetize their own blogs, etc. We may offer additional optional paid features in the future as well.

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We definitely agree, this can become an issue. However, it will be rocky in the beginning, but this type of functionality must exist to ensure we keep cumblr safe.

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Vandalize the Wiki Or don't. I'm not your dad. Register an Account Cumblr. It features something like a Facebook news feed of the most popular posts—regardless whether or not you follow the posters.

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Many posters are amateurs with just a handful of followers, offering free content that is sometimes adorably awkward. But those with hundreds or thousands of followers typically use their profile as a teaser with links to other sites where they sell the goods. We will also re-enable promoted posts and we will be adding more options. Abramson cumblr that newTumbl has about a dozen cumblr for raising revenue, which will start emerging in Q4. He declined to discuss monetization strategies on the record, but said that they will be based on providing users the ability to earn money for their blogs.

Financial self-sufficiency has slowed the growth of another emerging network, Pillowfort.

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It opened February as a general-interest site in the mold of Tumblr and the earlys version of LiveJournal. Pillowfort held a second Kickstarter in Augustbut really took off with the Tumblr NSFW ban because of its liberal content policies. Pillowfort has cumblr 47, members, but its slow growth is deliberate. The site is working on modest ways to bring in money—such as extra blog-customization options—that reflect more of an intimate, user-supported community than a mega entertainment site. Users will also have to pay for uploads greater than a few megabytes.