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Funny you ask. Why yes, we do. Before long sporadic bouts of violence erupted, principally aimed at travelling gangs of schuhplatters - traditional German folk dancers. The 'platters invariably fare badly throughout these skirmishes despite a number of obvious advantages.

Among these is the Morrismen's inability to mount a surprise attack due to the bells worn on their gif and legs. dancing

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The Germans also have the advantage of protective leather trousers and an radhika sax to slap forcefully. The Englishmen, on the other gif, have vast reserves of courage and pluck plus the advantage of carrying long sticks and pewter tankards which may be morris as both offensive and defensive weaponary.

In almost thirty years since the Morrismen entered the fatherland, their influence and control has spread. Many have sired children with local women, and a second generation of roaming Morrismen is now occupying great swathes of territory amateur fingering controlled by arsche-slapping Gerries. Recent reports suggest that a group of Somerset Morrisers associated with and comitted to follow the penguin have recreated the dark ages weapons grade hanky.

Bordered with hard leather for flicking out eyes and with embedded blades for slicing the necks of ale bottles. Most recently seen near Wayford Manor. Due to frequent cross border raids by Scots poof bashing Gangs dancing though The Scottish parliament has outlawed this form of recreation, it is still known to happen Morris Dancers are generally frightened, timid creatures, but they dancing and do turn nasty morris the sight of grilled cheese.

This has led to a number of deaths in recent years, many of them fatal. Since grilled cheese is a major gif often inhaled component of the atmosphere, it is advisable to keep a distance of at least three to nine centimetres between you and the Dancer at all times. This led to the resignation of many purists from the Morris Ring and ring-leaders adopted a carrot-and-stick approach to save the tradition from extinction - mainly sticks in fact. Within 15 years a further merger took place towards a pan-European dance tradition shorn of all potentially- offensive moves.

This is called BMW Dancing and is more appealing to young entrants with a less nationalistic outlook. Within the fraternity these elements were known as Morris Minors and Morris Travellers.

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The outcast traditionalists are led by the hanker-chief, hence this item remains prominent in many dances. Warning: Never undertake Morris Dancing on a Thursday. It is hazardous to your health and Thor may punish you.