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The Sexiest Thing My Wife Does

Vendor Deals. OR Remember Me? Old My 'Wife is So Sexy' moments. Thought it would be fair to start one for wives. What does your wife do that makes you think, "Damn, she's a sexy mama! Digg this Post! Add to del. Quick Reply. Remove Advertisements. Anytime she's not having a "Not so sexy" moment. Chat wife xxx com is offline. If I answer this I will die a very painful death!!!!!!!!

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Wow guys! That much is sexy about her huh? Maybe you should limit that to things she does fully clothed and does not involve direct contact with her spouse. Otherwise, there are just too many choices. Originally Posted by Aggie View Post.

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Last edited by Aggie; at Anytime she goes up on her tippy toes to reach for something Entropysouthern wifeMattMatt and 2 others like this. Oh get a girl to suck your dick. When she wakes up and ties her hair up in a pony tail with her glasses and not showered etc. When she dolls herself up and straightens her hair 3.

When she's trying to be sexy she really pulls it off 5. Most times when she's not trying to be sexy 6. When she's Basically any sexy she's not mad at me, I find things about her sexy. She is by far the most beautiful and amazing woman I've ever set my eyes on.

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The way she smiles, the way her eyes twinkle, sexy way she laughs, the way she loves our son and NEEDS to check on him even when she knows he's all set at night after his bed timewhen she loves to rub her feet against the sexy of my feet in bed. I know it's a "soothing" thing for her but it's definitely a turn on for me because I know she's calming herself. When she wears that short skirt and thong, hair up and glasses on Entropysouthern wifeMattMatt and 1 others like this.

The more posts I read.

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The more I love my wife! I love knowing these sweet little things from the guys! More, more! Posted via Mobile Device. Just one of the top of my head, when she wears one my dress shirts and nothing else OK, panties allowed. Entropy and southern wife like this. Tacos Are My Love Language. Sigh, my wife gives me the speaking treatment.

CharlieParker is offline. I am demanding! I'm wife need of some positivity!! MattMattAnonymous07 wife Holland like this. Quote message in reply?