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A lot of guys out there will be happy - or at least willing - to admit their first crush was on a female superhero. Many fewer would admit they still have one today, sexy porn models from japan old habits died hard. Some of these geeks have the prettiest girlfriends and some of them are dressed up like female superheroes.

She gets super crazy hot. We do need to take a moment to point one thing out. A superhero is not a supervillain. Sorry Catwoman or Harley Quinn.

Hey, we like Spiderman, Superman and Iron Man as much as the next person, but where are our strong, brave female representative for justice? More importantly, where are the hot ones? Give us sexy ladies kicking butt super short shorts and a push-up corset that makes her boobs bulge out.

The time has come to take the eraser to the comic female and the superhero movies.

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Remember Robin, from Batman and Robin? Remember how you always wondered if he liked girls? Does that count? Did she get nude slide down the Batpole? Why is it everything about this sexy beast sounds like it can be found in a spice rack? Not the bad kind.

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The good kind, where you wear sexy outfits. She also proves that you can have a twin brother who is a total meathead and still pull off being the Princess of Power. What more do you need in a girl? Nude hot body? Apparently it also protects her from getting naked. Boy, do we have a superhero for you!

As in all quality incestual relationships, a second female, Takeo, gets jealous and is disowned. Years later, he shows up demanding to battle his brother, winner gets Tatsu. During the battle, a fire starts, Maseo gets distracted amime elves porn cows is killed. So, with two brothers dead, she flees with the kids and starts super as a samurai, taking the name Kitana. Her magical sword, the Soultaker, true heros its name, takes the souls of those who Kitana kills with it.

Later on, it gains Sword Totem status of the Outsiders. Like many superheroes who have been part of the culture for more than 70 years there are a lot of incarnations of Hawkgirl, but the one we like the best is the original from the Golden Age of Heros Comics. Her given name was Shiera Hall and she was actually the reincarnation of an Egyptian princess and was married to another Egyptian reincarnate who went by the name of Carter Hall in the 20th Century, but was also known as Hawkman.

Whenever they got killed, they were able to be born again, but fans knew the duo mainly as the Halls. Hawkman spent most of his time in the Justice Society of America, but this being the s, Hawkgirl.

Surely you mean Elasti-girl with the hyphen in her name from DC Comics who made her first appearance in the mids. Not her. We can all agree our favorite part of any magic act is when the sexy lady assistant gets sawed in half or when the sexy lady assistant puts the magician in a straight jacket topless girl boy sex beaches when the sexy lady assistant We like sexy lady assistants and we believe the only thing hotter than a sexy lady assistant is a sexy lady magician.

Zatanna was a close friend of Bruce Wayne because of their similar pasts. She also knows Selina is into Bruce.

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As with many of these characters who have been around for 50 years, different people have been the alter egos depending on what the comic writer needed. Marvel is one of these characters, having seen multiple true identities. We choose this version for two reasons. One, she was also known as She-Thing and wore super sexy outfits as that persona. Second because this version of Marvel was a lady wrestler. Sharon runs into The Thing at a school dance or something and agrees to join the Unlimited Class Wrestling Federation.

This is an interesting conundrum.