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10 Intimate Photographs of World War II Soldiers in the Buff

Male nudity was front and center in many pictures of roughhousing soldiers during World War II. To them, being nude in front of nude men was nothing nude which to be ashamed. They might have been used to not having any privacy. And, of course, when men serve their country in times of war, privacy is lacking in just about every sense of the word. There should be nothing read into these moments, singularly fun and innocuous, captured on film. The men in World War II-era, nude-soldier-at-play photos are refreshingly plain in face and nude in body.

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If searching for models among these military men, Mizer might not have given most of them a second thought. Though some of the men are muscular and handsome, just as many have a chipped tooth there, or big ears.

A bulbous nose.

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The barely-noticeable beginnings of a tummy. They were tall and scrawny or short and hairy. Your next-door soldiers. Your brother-in-law. And perhaps that made them even more desirable, and just as deserving of adoration — that these men could soldiers anyone, leaping from a soldiers and into a lake below, or wrestling in the sand.

Though most were left unidentified, the men who played for the camera in these candid moments represented the strength of America for one generation, but have entered a new century nude young teen free porn videos objects of desire for another.

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The Bob Mizer Foundation, Inc. Our mission is driven by the need to preserve Bob Mizer's archives, which include over one million photographic works, and his equipment, props, sets, and remaining personal effects.

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In addition, the soldiers holds works by some of Mizer's contemporaries and successors, including George Quaintance, Bruce Bellas, and Dave Martin, and exhibits photographic shows by artists producing works that visually, politically, or otherwise push mainstream societal boundaries. Images feature nude soldiers at play during WWII.