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The invitation to Skirt Club, a women-only, bisexual and bi-curious sex party, tells you one thing, loud and clear: Related Fresh Flowers, Plenty of Lube: Inside the World of Feminist Porn.

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Hot, feminine women in four-inch heels with artfully mussed hair strut like models, dance alone in feather boas and masks, gyrate desirously and mount each other for suspenseful kisses. Glitter-rimmed mouths oh soundlessly, long legs circled with garter belts sex into the frame, taut bellies emerge from black panties and breasts are suspended in BDSM-reminiscent bras. In the background, behind a table with a bottle of champagne, the curtains are conspicuously drawn.

LeJeune says that based on information that women give Skirt Club when they sign up, most partygoers have the same sexual inclinations as her, or are more heterosexual. LeJeune, who speaks four languages and is a certified yoga and pilates instructor, created Skirt Club in London in after taking a sharp left turn from her corporate career. She worked as a journalist and producer at Bloomberg TV in London, and in international markets as a branding consultant. She asked that her privacy be respected — LeJeune is not her lesbian porn archive video name, though she posts photos of herself at Skirt Club events, and out with her husband on her Instagram page.

LeJeune sees herself inhabiting the huge for area between for and gay. She concedes that she may have sex wrong, but she felt too intimidated to find out.

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So, she started her own event. The theater of it helps women relax their inhibitions. In some cases, Quinn says, women saw Skirt Club events more like a networking opportunity than a sex party. At the last London party she attended, a number of women wanted to network. So at 7: A male bouncer lets us past the door for a bar area warmed by tungsten glow and furnished with afghan rugs, ample seating on red velvet-covered chairs and inexplicable, charming typewriters.

Women mill about the room. One of the half-dozen Skirt Club volunteers — a tall woman in her 20s wearing a black lingerie top, tight black pants and heels — greets us, champagne flute in hand. I got mine from that Eric Clapton song.

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Soon, a pinup-style, bejeweled burlesque dancer with wavy pink hair and opulent breasts begins to shake and strip to the music. Burlesque shows are a rarity at most sex parties in the Bay Area, but a staple at Skirt Club events. Instead of tori black missionary mostly skinny, femme, party women at Skirt Club, women parties tend to have women of all sizes from all parts of the gender, race and sexuality spectrum.

LeJeune insists that creating an ambiance of comfort and luxury is essential when courting bi-curious women — and the women why tickets cost what they do. Her vision for Skirt Club came out of what she felt was sorely lacking in other sex parties. I wanted the ambiance to help me get into the mood.

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Skirt Club is undeniably pretty — maybe too pretty, and expensive, and heteronormative to attract or accept everyone who might like it. The burlesque dancer takes labored breaths between stanzas, eyes going big from the sweeping movements. Nervous giggles and claps emerge at intervals from the crowd.

Afterwards, a few girls give the hair pull a try, their blowdried locks swaying over their shoulder as they jerk in feigned resistance. I ask Moon what she thinks of the party.

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The Skirt Club events, she says, are providing femme, bi curious women their own space to experiment. The words we have to describe sexuality are too frail to contain the dynamism women the human experience. Quinn, the British dating coach, agrees. Each card, sealed in a tiny black envelope, delivers an order: I approach a pretty, shy girl at the party named Mona. She tells me that she grew up in a religious, sheltered household. Then she looks at her card and asks if she can give me a spanking.

Soon, the Skirt Club hostesses corral everyone into circles for games of Spin the Bottle. They gather women into circles, then sit down and twirl a sparkling wine bottle to see who it will land on. In some cases, the kisses are passionate.

One of the hostesses, a tall woman with long brown hair and live sex for real eyes, spins a bottle that points to me and I move in.

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