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Episode 8. Episode 9. Episode Photo, Meme or GIF. Topic is a specific subject of discussion. Optional, please keep it short. Spoiler Some users flagged this comment as containing a spoiler. Display anyway. Episode giantess jennifer lopez How was it? Share this page with your friends and followers:.

Start FREE tiral. Get VIP. Unlock ALL Perks. Get Apps. Simkl Apps. Enter PIN. Automatic Trackers. Netflix Enhancer. Netflix Categories. Naruto filler list. Droosha learns Guy is Shezow. A cleaning robot gets out of control. Wanda interviews Shezow and Guy tries to keep his secret. Shezow battles Le Pigeon, a bird fighting for bird rights. After using expired vanishing cream, Guy starts to disappear. A jealous star hypnotizes his fans to destroy Shezow.

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A wacky reality tv show host builds a pool for the Hamdon family. Shezow rescues a SheSquatch from a park ranger. Guy gets great fortune from a fortune cookie. Shezow tries to get a graphic novel by trying a new look. Shezow gets super-empathy and doesn't fight his enemies. Guy loses a tooth and it corrupts a tooth fairy. A wrestler forfeits a match out of fear and Guy tries to get to the bottom of it. An ex-weatherman makes crazy weather.

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Maz and Guy save an endangered animal from a wealthy, illegal animal collector. Shezow gets a super cold. Guy can't control his transformation and gets a new power. Guy goes overboard with wishing. Shezow becomes a PSA lister and more popular on the air waves. Kelly gets to be Shezow for one day. A male superhero chauvinist group rejects Shezow. Sheila goes away after Guy misuses her. Evil plants try to destroy Shezow.

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Villains take over and it's illegal to stop them. Guy accidentally brings video game villain Count Pussenbite to life. Santa Claus is being held captive by Tatooselah and SheZow comes to his rescue and helps him deliver Christmas presents.